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Eduard Edel receives IFS Global Markets certification

The well-known flavour "Bavarian herbal sugar" is launched under the name "Bavarian mountain herbs" in a new presentation. Special feature is the additionally used mountain herbal extract. It is made exclusively from herbs grown at over 1,000 meters above sea level. This puts the full power of the Alps in these delicious and soothing candies.

IFS Global Markets Food is a standardized food safety assessment program for retail and private label products. The program includes several checklists and protocols to implement a complete, functioning food safety system based on a continuous improvement process. The IFS Global Markets can be a first step towards the IFS Food certification. Priorities of the program are building a food safety management system, ensuring good manufacturing practices, and managing of food hazards.

For Edel customers, this means an easier market access, as many commercial customers, such as retailers demand such a quality certificate. In addition, the certificate proves the high quality and safety standard of the Edel candy specialties

Please click on the image below to download the certificate for your records.

IFS Zertifikat