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New edel catalogue

Since the ISM trade show 2017, the new product catalogue from the Eduard Edel candy factory GmbH is available. The bilingual catalogue (German and English language) presents the huge candy range on 60 pages and provides interesting views on the USPs of Edel like the selected raw materials and the handicraft based production. Also some historical facts and pictures of the over 150 year lasting company history are presented. For the first time, innovations like the “Edel inclusions – candies with genuine fruit pieces”, the intense kiwifruit drops and the Bavarian heart candies are included. Also, the numerous new retail bag designs are shown, for example for Rosehip, Plantain and Sage candies.

The catalogue will be attached to every order and can be requested via e-mail, fax or telephone. Additionally, the catalogue is available following this link:

Also a new order form is available under

Edel Bonbonkatalog 2017