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Edel Inclusions Raspberry: candies with freeze-dried raspberry pieces

The Eduard Edel GmbH Bonbonfabrik has presented a world-novelty during the International Sweets and Snacks Fair (ISM): A candy with real inclusions in the sugar mass. For the Edel Inclusions Raspberry, freeze-dried raspberry pieces are worked into the candy.

Thus, candy regalement becomes even more natural and direct. Edel completely redefines the candy with this method and offers an extravagant experience, "live and in 3D".

During freeze-drying, almost all of the water is removed from the ingredients. The great advantage is that drying is very gentle and the structure and vitamins are largely retained. When the "inclusions" come in contact with water in the mouth again, you can have a genuine fruit feeling. The combination of freeze-dried basic products and candies is a world novelty and corresponds to the trend towards high-quality and authentic ingredients.

The Edel Inclusions Raspberry candies are available for retailers in a 5 kg bag and on request also in other packagings such as block bottom bags.

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