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Plantain candies from Edel with new retail bag

Plantain, the popular special herbal candies made by Eduard Edel Bonbonfabrik GmbH, are now offered in a new 100 g bag. The sweets are manufactured according to traditional recipes are appreciated by connoisseurs for many years.

The new bag design emphasizes the high quality ingredients of the product, especially the self-boiled plantain tea with a share of 10%. In addition, even plantain extract and gentian are processed. In consequence, a picture of a plantain plat can be found on the bag.

The basic colors are completely new. The dominant colors are white and green - analogous to the wrapping paper, which now can be seen through the new transparent window in the middle of the bag. With the new design, the plantain candies remain an important part of the herbal range and are a showcase for the skills of Eduard Edel in the field of tea, herbal and cough candies.

The Edel plantain sweets are available in a neutral carton with 50 bags or in an attractive counter display with 15 bags.

Edel Katalog 2015