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Precious Metals: the new candy series from Edel

Noble regalement in gold and silver: Follwing this motto, the Eduard Edel candy factory introduces the new "Precious Metals" candies. Fine bars with "EDEL " embossment let the connoisseur's heart beat faster: The gold bars combine wonderful banana flavor with a rich chocolate filling, while the silver bars promise a delicious game of exotic fruit flavour and chocolate filling.

The unique look of gold and silver shine is very special about these candies. In unity with the bar shape and the metallic luster, the sweets in fact look like little bullion products. That´s why these candy creations are ideal for gifts or a particularly striking form of sweet advertising. Besides the unique look, the taste is also first class: The chocolate filling with cocoa powder, cocoa mass and cocoa butter, which is processed in both candies, convinces due to its rich body and a pleasant, slightly crunchy texture. The gold candies are made with a delicious banana flavor, while the silver bars present a tropic fruit flavour mix.

in 5 kg bulk bags and also in individual packages (eg, block bottom bags, pet jars, flow packs ) on request.

Edel Metall Gold-Bonbons
Edel Metall Silber-Bonbons