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Sage filled with new bag

Sage filled, the wholesome herbal candy made by Eduard Edel Bonbonfabrik GmbH, are now offered in a new 100g bag. The sweets convince connoisseurs with high-quality ingredients such as real sage leaf tea, the soothing filling, as well as the mild, pleasant taste.

The new bag design emphasizes the high quality ingredients of the product, especially the self-boiled sage leaf tea with a share of 12%. In consequence, a picture of the well-known sage plant with the characteristic lilac blossoms can be found on the bag. Together with the bag, also the wrapping paper has been adjusted. Yellow, which is known from the previous bag is domination, together with the lilac colour of the font. Another new feature is the window in the middle of the bag, which allows a look at the candies. With the new design, the filled sage candies remain an important part of the herbal range. Due to the character of sage as a medicinal plant against cough and hoarseness, the bag is also well suited for sorting in a classic herbal candy range and also especially for the winter season.

The EDEL sage candy is available in neutral carton with 50 bags or in an attractive counter display with 15 bags.

Salbei gefüllt