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Eduard Edel presents new „EDELuxe“ range


Four retail bags in a consistent, noble look: That´s the new „EDELuxe“ range, presented by Eduard Edel Bonbonfabrik GmbH. The assortment includes classics like „Almond bites“ and „Chocolate fourrée“, the traditional „Milk coins“ and the strong “Espresso pillows”.

The design of the 125 g bags is based on the same visual elements and is optically homogenous. A unique characteristic is the round, transparent window in the middle of the bag, which allows a look on the exclusive candies. As the candies are unwrapped, nothing disturbs the silky shine and the unique look. At the moment, all flavours of the „EDELuxe“ range are available in a neutral carton box with 40 bags or in an printed display with 15 bags. A further display solution for a complete range presentation at the POS will be developed soon. The „EDELuxe“ concept combines eyecatching candies from handicraft based production with selected raw materials like whole milk, hazelnuts, cocoa and coffee paste. It is the intention of Edel to give clients special moments of enjoyment by offering high-class candies together with a touch of nostalgia and noblesse.

Vollmilchmünzen Schoko-Fourrée Seidenkracher Espresso