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Now available for the winter season: Sugarfree Mulled claret hearts

Zuckerfreie Glühwein-Herzchen

Sugarfree candies are a sought-after sweet alternative during autumn and winter. With the new sugarfree mulled claret hearts, Edel presents a candy with a touch of nostalgia, lovely charm and Christmasy grace.

In the new candy, two things meet: the attraction of old fashioned candy art and the benefits of sugarfree candies based on Isomalt. Many people like to enjoy the unique taste of mulled claret every time – by having a candy! The classy heart shape has another advantage: It´s ideal to make a gift – a gift that makes always a good impression! Now, these whishes can be fulfilled also with a sugarfree candy, that convinces because it is beneficial for the teeth and has a low glycemic index.

The sugarfree mulled claret hearts (art. no. 421) are available unwrapped, in bulk. The series of sugarfree nostalgic candies also includes the dainty raspberry special sugarfree.