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Art.-Nr.: 508

Bavarian herbal sweets

Originals, that take effect! Tese candies are manufactured according to an old Bavarian original recipe with barley malt extract, liquorice and extracts from 20 selected herbs as well as menthol and essential oils.
Art.-Nr.: 512

Cough assortment

It' s all in the mix! Contains the effectual and tasty flavours honey special, plantain, sage, Bavarian herbal sweets, eucalyptus menthol, Bavarian malt and cough lozenges.
Art.-Nr.: 501

Edel ice crystals, extra white

Edel ica crystals freeze your tongue and are the classic summer sweet. Extra fresh, extra dainty!
Art.-Nr.: 510

Eucalyptus menthol spezial

The candy for a deep breath, ideal on the way. Manufactured with genuine eucalyptus oil and menthol - taste the difference!
Art.-Nr.: 509

Genuine bavarian malt sweets

Bavarian culture and the special way of life, concentrated in one sweet.
Art.-Nr.: 6510

Mini high gloss foil sweets

Little shape, great look! These candies, wrapped in different attractive high gloss foils offer exquisite fruit treat.
Art.-Nr.: 500

Multicoloured fruit mix

This varicoloured mix with lots of tasty, unfilled fruit sweets looks fine and catches on, wherever and whenever. Flavours in the mix: apple, lemon, orange, wild cherry.
Art.-Nr.: 514


Sougth-after by connaisseurs! Wrapped plantain sweets for the agreable effect wherever you are. In this candy our candy masters process over 10 % plantain tea and gentian.
Art.-Nr.: 505

Wild cherry balls

Everybody knows these EDEL-candies! The full taste of ripe, aromatic cherrys in a easyly suckable ball candy.