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Art.-Nr.: 9003

Apple sweets

Quality, that stands for itself. Filled with fine and dainty apple pulp, these candies are really convincing.
Art.-Nr.: 7132

Chocolate fourrée

Finest candy art with a longstanding tradition lives in these filigran and multicoloured candies. The unique silky shine is a specialty from Edel which you can´t find anywhere else. A statement for handicraft quality and fine chocolate taste.
Art.-Nr.: 9152

Chocolate peppermint

Peppermint kisses chocolate. This fine candy arranges a meeting of genuine Mitcham peppermint oil and 15% selected cocoa in the fine chocolate filling.
Art.-Nr.: 9047

Edel Exquisit - Confectionary mix

Enjoy the most exclusive and filled candies of our house in this exclusive mix, which contains candies from flavour families like coffee, chocolate, nut, fruit and milk.
Art.-Nr.: 7102

Espresso pillows

Enjoy the strong espresso taste and a dainty coffee kick with these beautiful candies from the EDELuxe line.
Art.-Nr.: 9263

Fruit selection

A fruity "must have". In this mix, you can find the best filled fruit candies in an attractive bag. Contains the flavours strawberry, lemon-lime, blood orange, apple, raspberry, black currant,
Art.-Nr.: 7061

Lemon special

The Edel citric classic: The sourish and refreshing lemon special candies from Edel are manufactured in the traditional lemon shape.
Art.-Nr.: 7142

Silky almond bites "Vienna"

This worldwide known specialty from Vienna is manufactured with care and love for the details. Experience the fine almond taste and the exquisite nut and chocolate filling.
Art.-Nr.: 7122

Whole milk coins filled

The classy coins with hazelnut filling and 40% fresh whole milk are known as "Milk money" for many years.
Art.-Nr.: 9083

Whole milk strawberry

Tast like sweet strawberries with a lace of fresh milk, manufactured with 46% fresh milk from the "Allgäu" in southern Germany and genuine strawberry pulp.