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Art.-Nr.: 329

Cappuccino pillows

Discover the typical cappuccino taste and a touch of Italian lifestyle in this sweet. Hand made with a dainty filling for unforgettable moments of taste.
Art.-Nr.: 337

Chilli chocolate cubes

The ideal combination for conaisseurs and adventurers! Hot cover, smooth and chcolatey core - this is a unique composition, made with natural chili extract and exquiste cocoa mass.
Art.-Nr.: 306

Chocolate fourrée

Candy art in perfection - with love for the details. This fine filled candies have a strong and dainty chocolate taste.
Art.-Nr.: 338


Just taste it! This wonderful intense jigger of eggnog is still manufactured by use of genuine eggnog.
Art.-Nr.: 303

Espresso filled

Enjoy the strong espresso taste and a delicous coffee kick.
Art.-Nr.: 304

Gingerbread spice sweets

Due to original gingerbread spice mix, whole milk and crispy filling this candy is a surprisingly good winter sweet.
Art.-Nr.: 308

Golden nuts

Our "gold nuggets" for special moments of enjoyment are crispy filled with cocoa and waffer crumbs and impress due to the silky, golden shining gloss look.
Art.-Nr.: 318

Liquorice aniseed filled

Contains genuine liquorice extract in a tasty filling and an extra lacing of aromatic aniseed oil.
Art.-Nr.: 311

Mocha beans

Experience the extraordinary taste of mocha, a coffee sort from Yemen with this candy, made with genuine coffee paste and natural coffee oil.
Art.-Nr.: 307

Mulled claret filled

Pleasant consumption of mulled claret to suck, made with delicious, tough-flowing filling and the silky lustre for an impressive appearance.
Art.-Nr.: 327

Nougat bars

Noble regalement of nougat, shaped in the traditional EDEL chopstick shape. They are filled with precious, kibbled hazelnuts, almonds, cocoa butter and cocoa mass. Pleasurable and noble.
Art.-Nr.: 312

Peeppermint pillows

Fresh peppermint taste meets delicate chocolate in the fine filling. This sweet is manufactured with peppermint oil, cocoa mass and cocoa butter.
Art.-Nr.: 323

Sea buckthorn filled sweets

The straight sea buckthorn experience: hand made with 9,9 % genuine sea buckthorn pulp in the filling and with the unique, noble silky lustre and stripe look.
Art.-Nr.: 313

Silken pillows

Taste as good as they look like: The silken pillows made by Edel are an unique mix with white, rose, red, orange and green candies with a creamy filling.
Art.-Nr.: 310

Silky almond bites

A sweet in the tradition of confectionary art from Vienna, also known as "Almond Bites from Vienna". Filled with genuine hazelnuts and cocoa and made nobly shining, this candy is a unique composition.