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Art.-Nr.: 100

Aniseed drops

Enjoy the sweet, bloomy and smooth taste of aniseed! The candies are handmade with aniseed oil and natural colouring plant extracts.
Art.-Nr.: 102

Aniseed fennel briquettes

These candies in the classy briquette shape come from old mining tradition. They contain liquorice extract, aniseed oil and fennel oil.
Art.-Nr.: 230

Baked apple

Who doesn´t know and love it? The taste of fresh baked apples during winter time... This candy brings you warm feelings when it´s cold outside.
Art.-Nr.: 101

Bavarian malt BM

Strong and tasty originals: The BM Bavarian Malt candies from Edel are made with 6% genuine barley malt extract.
Art.-Nr.: 391

Breast crosses

Due to liquorice and potash salt these cross shaped candies unfold their beneficial impact on breast and the respiratory system.
Art.-Nr.: 103

Cachou cubes

The classic from northern Germany: the embedded liquorice crumbles give these candies an unique look.
Art.-Nr.: 130


More than 11% chamomile tea and natural chamomile tea extract are the reason for the beneficial regalement, these candies offer.
Art.-Nr.: 111

Cough assortment

Beneficial, natural, strong. The cough assortment from Edel is a veritable "MUST HAVE" during winter season.
Art.-Nr.: 121

Dried plum sweets

The true original: Traditional Edel plum candies in the classy shape are sold on the well-known christmas fair of Nuremberg.
Art.-Nr.: 128

Elderberry sweets

11,8% self boiled elder leaf tea and natural elder extract make these candies a ball full of enjoyment.
Art.-Nr.: 106

Eucalyptus menthol

The candy for a free breath! Made with genuine eucalyptus oil and menthol.
Art.-Nr.: 107

Fennel sweets

Due to the use of natural fennel oil you can experience the mild fennel taste in its most agreable way.
Art.-Nr.: 131

Ginger Orange

Experience the gentle and discreet heat of ginger, combined wiht the agreable and fruity taste of orange.
Art.-Nr.: 144

Ginger pure

Hot and stimulatinig - the pleasure of ginger at its best! Contains natural ginger extract.
Art.-Nr.: 133

Green tea sweets

Stimulation and relaxation - this candy, made with 50% green tea and natural green tea extract offers both!
Art.-Nr.: 110

Honey bees

The tasty honey candy in the famous bee shape contains 6,5 % honey and is good for throat and fauces.
Art.-Nr.: 137

Lavender sweets

Enjoy the typical taste of southern France! Hand made with precious lavender oil
Art.-Nr.: 115

Liqurice drops

The candy with the really strong liquoirice taste - due to liquorice extract and salmiak salt.
Art.-Nr.: 126

Melissae sweets

Manufactured with natural balm tea extract, these candies are a source of good taste.
Art.-Nr.: 114

Mountain pine sweets

The candy for connaisseurs, which is offered only by EDEL, contains genuine mountain pine oil.
Art.-Nr.: 109

Mulled claret hearts

A cup of mulled claret to suck - poured withe love!
Art.-Nr.: 135

Oriental Peppermint drops

The minty and fresh "Orient Express" to enjoy and breath deeply. Made with genuine "Mitcham" pepermint oil.
Art.-Nr.: 118


Edel plantain candies are manufactured with natural colouring, genuine plantain extract and gentian.
Art.-Nr.: 117

Sage cubes

Unique througout the world! Edel sage cubes are still produced with genuine, self-boiled sage tea.
Art.-Nr.: 123

Seven herbs

Pleasant effect, herb and lusty taste - Edel Seven herbs contain natural extracts from 21 selected herbs.
Art.-Nr.: 139


This exclusive herbal candy is handmade, by use of genuine thyme oil and inspires conaisseurs by its typical taste.
Art.-Nr.: 125

Valerian sweets

Experience the calming and relaxing effect of valerian with this exquisite herbal candy.
Art.-Nr.: 148

Wellness sea buckthorn field herbs

Candies to feel good: The fruity acerb tate of sea buckthorn, combined with mild aloe-vera.
Art.-Nr.: 147

Wellness sweets lemongras

Free your soul and enjoy the relaxing world of far east, exotic taste.