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Art.-Nr.: 200

Apple balls

The sweet and tasty apple seduction - aromatic and round taste!
Art.-Nr.: 228

Apple cinnamon balls

Popular winter taste, all around - the combination of cinnamon and apple!
Art.-Nr.: 246

Arctic ice

Polar bears would love them: The fresh, polar cold "Arctic ice" from Edel.
Art.-Nr.: 213

Black currant

Taste wonderfully rich and intense of the scrumptious black currant.
Art.-Nr.: 719

Blue mint

Fresh, fresher, Blue mint! Whether your are in the desert or in the office: Have a deep breath!
Art.-Nr.: 215


A candy with the intense fruity flavour of ripe blackberries.
Art.-Nr.: 787

Caipirinha sweets

The well liked caipirinha cocktail to suck!
Art.-Nr.: 227

Cinnamon clove balls

The full cinnamon taste in a round candy ball with a touch of clove.
Art.-Nr.: 735

Cola hearts

Enjoy the fruity and stimulating taste of cola - founded in a beautiful heart sweet.
Art.-Nr.: 202

Fruit Mix "Bavaria"

The most popular fruit flavours in one single mix - handmade according to traditional Bavarian recipes and with lots of care.
Art.-Nr.: 209

Giant raspberry

Big shape, great taste: the traditional giant raspberries - made by EDEL.
Art.-Nr.: 203

Glacial ice rocks

Cold and refreshing, like a piece of fresh broken glacial ice - and the sweetest instrument against climate change.
Art.-Nr.: 747


Fall time is grape time: Time for EDEL grapes in the classy vine shape.
Art.-Nr.: 204

Hawaii drops

Discover the "Hawaii feeling" with tihs fruit candy for dreams and enjoyment.
Art.-Nr.: 212

Lemon special

The citric classic: the sour and refreshing lemon special from Edel are manufactured with precious lemon oil.
Art.-Nr.: 207

Orange & lemon slices

Attractive and refreshing citric assortment with lemon and orange.
Art.-Nr.: 214

Passion fruit

Discover the intense passion fruit taste with this exotic drops sweet.
Art.-Nr.: 224

Peach champagne

Scrumptious peach meets a lace of tingly italian sparkling wine (prosecco) - in this sweet to "clink glasses".
Art.-Nr.: 201

Pear balls

The sweet and fruity pear taste as aromatic sweet.
Art.-Nr.: 208

Peppermint balls

A vivid childhood memory: the traditional colourful peppermint balls with the agreable and fresh mint taste.
Art.-Nr.: 205

Raspberry special

The real EDEL classic: the dainty and fruity raspberry spcial bring fun to the wohle family.
Art.-Nr.: 237

Spanish oranges

These candies taste wonderfully rich and intense of sun-riped blood oranges.
Art.-Nr.: 206

Swabian fair sweets

These optically flamboyant fruit candies originate from the old fair tradition of Ulm (Swabia) and are nowadays a very rare specialty.
Art.-Nr.: 238

Sweet hearts

Say more than thousand words: The tasty fruit sweets in heart shape with flavours like apple, lemon, orange, cherry, cola etc.
Art.-Nr.: 229

Sweets with vanilla taste

Unfold a splendid vanilla taste. Just try!
Art.-Nr.: 218


The taste of the liked citirc fruit in a sweet, which looks like a slice of dainty tangarine.
Art.-Nr.: 217

Wild cherry balls

Edel wild cherry balls are well known by kids and all other cherry lovers.
Art.-Nr.: 221

Wood berry mix "black & red"

Raspberries and blackberries in a an optically attractive mix.
Art.-Nr.: 216

Wood strawberry

This tasty candy is a tribute to the strawberry, the queen of berries.
Art.-Nr.: 226

Woodruff leafs

This traditional specialty from Berlin unfolds the matchless taste of "may herb".