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Art.-Nr.: 410

Sugarfree Alpine herbs

Experience the power of alpine herbs without sugar. These sweets on Isomalt base contain naturals extracts from 21 selected herbs.
Art.-Nr.: 411

Sugarfree Aniseed fennel

These tasty candies with Isomalt contain genuine aniseed and fennel oil.
Art.-Nr.: 412

Sugarfree Eucalyptus menthol

Sugarfree enjoyment of ecualyptus to suck. The ideal candy for on the way with eucalyptus oil and menthol.
Art.-Nr.: 413

Sugarfree Fruit mix with 4 flavours

Light-hearted consumption of fruits in one sugarfree sweet assortment. Contains the four most popular fruit flavours apple, orange, lemon and wild cherry.
Art.-Nr.: 414

Sugarfree Multivitamin

Vitamin boost and sugarfree fruit enjoyment. Due to the added vitamin-mix (B, C and E for example) 100 g of these candies cover the daily requirement for 10 essential vitamins.
Art.-Nr.: 415

Sugarfree Sage

Strong but also smooth sage taste, without sugar. Ideal for the cold season or on the way.
Art.-Nr.: 417

sugarfree Sea buckthorn + vitamin C

Enjoy sea buckthorn the sugarfree and light-hearted way! These tasyt candies are manufactured with additional vitamin C (150 mg per 100 g candies).