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Art.-Nr.: 102488


Only seasonally available!
Art.-Nr.: 100026

Fruit assortment

The four most popular summer and fruit flavours (fruit mix, woodruff, raspberry, orange & lemon) in one attractive assortment.
Art.-Nr.: 206030

Repl. Almond bites

The classic from the coffeehouses and confeconeries of Vienna in a set, containing from 20 attractive standing bags.
Art.-Nr.: 207039

Repl. Chocolate fourrée

Candy art, presented in a stylish way. The replenishment set contains 20 bags of this unique candies with the intense note of fine chocolates.
Art.-Nr.: 207039

Repl. Cough & herbal mix

During the common cold epidemic you have to be prepared - the the replenishment of the most popular and beneficial herbal and cough candies!
Art.-Nr.: 206030

Repl. Mulled claret hearts

Top up the glass again? No problem, with the replenishment set of the lekker mulled claret hearts.
Art.-Nr.: 207039

Repl. Orange & lemon slices

Enjoyment to refill. The tasty and fruity orange & lemon slices in our attractive standing bag.
Art.-Nr.: 202034

Repl. Peppermint pillows

20 bags of the noble pillow candies with a freh mint taste and a rich chocolate filling.
Art.-Nr.: 202034

Replenishment fruit mix Bavaria

The classic mix of the most popular fruit candies as replenishment bag.
Art.-Nr.: 205035

Replenishment malt

A candy like a true word. The strong malt candies are available as replenishment bags for an attractive presentation.
Art.-Nr.: 205035

Replenishment nougat bars

The bars for unchanged nougat regalement. Presented in the replenishment bags, the noble nougat bars are simply compelling.
Art.-Nr.: 205035

Replenishment raspberrys

The fruit classic from Edel! The popular, fruity raspberries are also available as replenishment with 20 nice bags per carton box.
Art.-Nr.: 202034

Replenishment sage

A benefit for throat, the fauces and the palatine also: The mild and tasty sage candy with genuine sage leaf tea as replenishment set.
Art.-Nr.: 206030

Replenishment woodruff leafs

This specialty from Berlin with the unique woodruff taste is also available as replenishment bag.
Art.-Nr.: 100033

Silky shine assortment

The four most popular, noble silky shining candies in one assortment, which is delivered in our 4C printed POS display. Contents: Almond bites, chocolate fourée, nougat bars and peppermint pillows.
Art.-Nr.: 100019

Winter assortment

Beneficial and tasty at the same time. The Edel winter assortment contains the most popular flavours that have a connection to the cold season: Mulled claret hearts, herbal mix, block malt and sage. Attractively presented in a POS display.