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Art.-Nr.: 100

Aniseed drops

Enjoy the sweet, bloomy and smooth taste of aniseed! The candies are handmade with aniseed oil and natural colouring plant extracts.
Art.-Nr.: 102

Aniseed fennel briquettes

These candies in the classy briquette shape come from old mining tradition. They contain liquorice extract, aniseed oil and fennel oil.
Art.-Nr.: 200

Apple balls

The sweet and tasty apple seduction - aromatic and round taste!
Art.-Nr.: 228

Apple cinnamon balls

Popular winter taste, all around - the combination of cinnamon and apple!
Art.-Nr.: 246

Arctic ice

Polar bears would love them: The fresh, polar cold "Arctic ice" from Edel.
Art.-Nr.: 230

Baked apple

Who doesn´t know and love it? The taste of fresh baked apples during winter time... This candy brings you warm feelings when it´s cold outside.
Art.-Nr.: 101

Bavarian malt BM

Strong and tasty originals: The BM Bavarian Malt candies from Edel are made with 6% genuine barley malt extract.
Art.-Nr.: 213

Black currant

Taste wonderfully rich and intense of the scrumptious black currant.
Art.-Nr.: 719

Blue mint

Fresh, fresher, Blue mint! Whether your are in the desert or in the office: Have a deep breath!
Art.-Nr.: 215


A candy with the intense fruity flavour of ripe blackberries.
Art.-Nr.: 391

Breast crosses

Due to liquorice and potash salt these cross shaped candies unfold their beneficial impact on breast and the respiratory system.
Art.-Nr.: 103

Cachou cubes

The classic from northern Germany: the embedded liquorice crumbles give these candies an unique look.
Art.-Nr.: 787

Caipirinha sweets

The well liked caipirinha cocktail to suck!
Art.-Nr.: 329

Cappuccino pillows

Discover the typical cappuccino taste and a touch of Italian lifestyle in this sweet. Hand made with a dainty filling for unforgettable moments of taste.
Art.-Nr.: 130


More than 11% chamomile tea and natural chamomile tea extract are the reason for the beneficial regalement, these candies offer.
Art.-Nr.: 337

Chilli chocolate cubes

The ideal combination for conaisseurs and adventurers! Hot cover, smooth and chcolatey core - this is a unique composition, made with natural chili extract and exquiste cocoa mass.
Art.-Nr.: 306

Chocolate fourrée

Candy art in perfection - with love for the details. This fine filled candies have a strong and dainty chocolate taste.
Art.-Nr.: 227

Cinnamon clove balls

The full cinnamon taste in a round candy ball with a touch of clove.
Art.-Nr.: 735

Cola hearts

Enjoy the fruity and stimulating taste of cola - founded in a beautiful heart sweet.
Art.-Nr.: 111

Cough assortment

Beneficial, natural, strong. The cough assortment from Edel is a veritable "MUST HAVE" during winter season.
Art.-Nr.: 121

Dried plum sweets

The true original: Traditional Edel plum candies in the classy shape are sold on the well-known christmas fair of Nuremberg.
Art.-Nr.: 338


Just taste it! This wonderful intense jigger of eggnog is still manufactured by use of genuine eggnog.
Art.-Nr.: 128

Elderberry sweets

11,8% self boiled elder leaf tea and natural elder extract make these candies a ball full of enjoyment.
Art.-Nr.: 303

Espresso filled

Enjoy the strong espresso taste and a delicous coffee kick.
Art.-Nr.: 106

Eucalyptus menthol

The candy for a free breath! Made with genuine eucalyptus oil and menthol.
Art.-Nr.: 107

Fennel sweets

Due to the use of natural fennel oil you can experience the mild fennel taste in its most agreable way.
Art.-Nr.: 202

Fruit Mix "Bavaria"

The most popular fruit flavours in one single mix - handmade according to traditional Bavarian recipes and with lots of care.
Art.-Nr.: 209

Giant raspberry

Big shape, great taste: the traditional giant raspberries - made by EDEL.
Art.-Nr.: 131

Ginger Orange

Experience the gentle and discreet heat of ginger, combined wiht the agreable and fruity taste of orange.
Art.-Nr.: 144

Ginger pure

Hot and stimulatinig - the pleasure of ginger at its best! Contains natural ginger extract.
Art.-Nr.: 304

Gingerbread spice sweets

Due to original gingerbread spice mix, whole milk and crispy filling this candy is a surprisingly good winter sweet.
Art.-Nr.: 203

Glacial ice rocks

Cold and refreshing, like a piece of fresh broken glacial ice - and the sweetest instrument against climate change.
Art.-Nr.: 308

Golden nuts

Our "gold nuggets" for special moments of enjoyment are crispy filled with cocoa and waffer crumbs and impress due to the silky, golden shining gloss look.
Art.-Nr.: 747


Fall time is grape time: Time for EDEL grapes in the classy vine shape.
Art.-Nr.: 133

Green tea sweets

Stimulation and relaxation - this candy, made with 50% green tea and natural green tea extract offers both!
Art.-Nr.: 204

Hawaii drops

Discover the "Hawaii feeling" with tihs fruit candy for dreams and enjoyment.
Art.-Nr.: 110

Honey bees

The tasty honey candy in the famous bee shape contains 6,5 % honey and is good for throat and fauces.
Art.-Nr.: 137

Lavender sweets

Enjoy the typical taste of southern France! Hand made with precious lavender oil
Art.-Nr.: 212

Lemon special

The citric classic: the sour and refreshing lemon special from Edel are manufactured with precious lemon oil.
Art.-Nr.: 318

Liquorice aniseed filled

Contains genuine liquorice extract in a tasty filling and an extra lacing of aromatic aniseed oil.
Art.-Nr.: 115

Liqurice drops

The candy with the really strong liquoirice taste - due to liquorice extract and salmiak salt.
Art.-Nr.: 126

Melissae sweets

Manufactured with natural balm tea extract, these candies are a source of good taste.
Art.-Nr.: 317

Milk rum

The strong sweet with a lacing of genuine Jamaica rum. It´s agreable to suck due to a milk percentage of 43 % and fresh cream.
Art.-Nr.: 311

Mocha beans

Experience the extraordinary taste of mocha, a coffee sort from Yemen with this candy, made with genuine coffee paste and natural coffee oil.
Art.-Nr.: 114

Mountain pine sweets

The candy for connaisseurs, which is offered only by EDEL, contains genuine mountain pine oil.
Art.-Nr.: 307

Mulled claret filled

Pleasant consumption of mulled claret to suck, made with delicious, tough-flowing filling and the silky lustre for an impressive appearance.
Art.-Nr.: 109

Mulled claret hearts

A cup of mulled claret to suck - poured withe love!
Art.-Nr.: 327

Nougat bars

Noble regalement of nougat, shaped in the traditional EDEL chopstick shape. They are filled with precious, kibbled hazelnuts, almonds, cocoa butter and cocoa mass. Pleasurable and noble.
Art.-Nr.: 207

Orange & lemon slices

Attractive and refreshing citric assortment with lemon and orange.
Art.-Nr.: 135

Oriental Peppermint drops

The minty and fresh "Orient Express" to enjoy and breath deeply. Made with genuine "Mitcham" pepermint oil.
Art.-Nr.: 214

Passion fruit

Discover the intense passion fruit taste with this exotic drops sweet.
Art.-Nr.: 224

Peach champagne

Scrumptious peach meets a lace of tingly italian sparkling wine (prosecco) - in this sweet to "clink glasses".
Art.-Nr.: 201

Pear balls

The sweet and fruity pear taste as aromatic sweet.
Art.-Nr.: 312

Peeppermint pillows

Fresh peppermint taste meets delicate chocolate in the fine filling. This sweet is manufactured with peppermint oil, cocoa mass and cocoa butter.
Art.-Nr.: 208

Peppermint balls

A vivid childhood memory: the traditional colourful peppermint balls with the agreable and fresh mint taste.
Art.-Nr.: 118


Edel plantain candies are manufactured with natural colouring, genuine plantain extract and gentian.
Art.-Nr.: 205

Raspberry special

The real EDEL classic: the dainty and fruity raspberry spcial bring fun to the wohle family.
Art.-Nr.: 117

Sage cubes

Unique througout the world! Edel sage cubes are still produced with genuine, self-boiled sage tea.
Art.-Nr.: 323

Sea buckthorn filled sweets

The straight sea buckthorn experience: hand made with 9,9 % genuine sea buckthorn pulp in the filling and with the unique, noble silky lustre and stripe look.
Art.-Nr.: 123

Seven herbs

Pleasant effect, herb and lusty taste - Edel Seven herbs contain natural extracts from 21 selected herbs.
Art.-Nr.: 313

Silken pillows

Taste as good as they look like: The silken pillows made by Edel are an unique mix with white, rose, red, orange and green candies with a creamy filling.
Art.-Nr.: 310

Silky almond bites

A sweet in the tradition of confectionary art from Vienna, also known as "Almond Bites from Vienna". Filled with genuine hazelnuts and cocoa and made nobly shining, this candy is a unique composition.
Art.-Nr.: 237

Spanish oranges

These candies taste wonderfully rich and intense of sun-riped blood oranges.
Art.-Nr.: 206

Swabian fair sweets

These optically flamboyant fruit candies originate from the old fair tradition of Ulm (Swabia) and are nowadays a very rare specialty.
Art.-Nr.: 238

Sweet hearts

Say more than thousand words: The tasty fruit sweets in heart shape with flavours like apple, lemon, orange, cherry, cola etc.
Art.-Nr.: 229

Sweets with vanilla taste

Unfold a splendid vanilla taste. Just try!
Art.-Nr.: 218


The taste of the liked citirc fruit in a sweet, which looks like a slice of dainty tangarine.
Art.-Nr.: 139


This exclusive herbal candy is handmade, by use of genuine thyme oil and inspires conaisseurs by its typical taste.
Art.-Nr.: 125

Valerian sweets

Experience the calming and relaxing effect of valerian with this exquisite herbal candy.
Art.-Nr.: 148

Wellness sea buckthorn field herbs

Candies to feel good: The fruity acerb tate of sea buckthorn, combined with mild aloe-vera.
Art.-Nr.: 147

Wellness sweets lemongras

Free your soul and enjoy the relaxing world of far east, exotic taste.
Art.-Nr.: 301

Whole milk coins filled

The classy coin sweets with hazelnut filling and 40 % fresh whole milk are also known as "milk money".
Art.-Nr.: 300

Whole milk coins unfilled

A living childhood reminiscence: Still shaped like the legendary "DM" coins and produced with 48 % fresh Bavarian whole milk and cream.
Art.-Nr.: 217

Wild cherry balls

Edel wild cherry balls are well known by kids and all other cherry lovers.
Art.-Nr.: 221

Wood berry mix "black & red"

Raspberries and blackberries in a an optically attractive mix.
Art.-Nr.: 216

Wood strawberry

This tasty candy is a tribute to the strawberry, the queen of berries.
Art.-Nr.: 226

Woodruff leafs

This traditional specialty from Berlin unfolds the matchless taste of "may herb".