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Art.-Nr.: 7073

Aniseed fennel briqettes

The miner´s favourite: Manufactured in the traditional coal briquette shape from old mining tradition these candies simply convince - due to the strong taste and high quality ingredients like aniseed and fennel oil and liquorice.
Art.-Nr.: 9003

Apple sweets

Quality, that stands for itself. Filled with fine and dainty apple pulp, these candies are really convincing.
Art.-Nr.: 7082

Bavarian malt special

Royal regalement: Strong malt taste, real and pure. Enjoy this unwrapped candies in the classy bag with the Bavarian white and blue rhombs.
Art.-Nr.: 7132

Chocolate fourrée

Finest candy art with a longstanding tradition lives in these filigran and multicoloured candies. The unique silky shine is a specialty from Edel which you can´t find anywhere else. A statement for handicraft quality and fine chocolate taste.
Art.-Nr.: 9152

Chocolate peppermint

Peppermint kisses chocolate. This fine candy arranges a meeting of genuine Mitcham peppermint oil and 15% selected cocoa in the fine chocolate filling.
Art.-Nr.: 8113

Cough assortment with herbal sweets

Healthy products don´t taste good? Not at EDEL! Let you help by this selection of the best herbal candies and enjoy!
Art.-Nr.: 9047

Edel Exquisit - Confectionary mix

Enjoy the most exclusive and filled candies of our house in this exclusive mix, which contains candies from flavour families like coffee, chocolate, nut, fruit and milk.
Art.-Nr.: 8043

Edel ice crystals, extra white

Edel ice crystals let your tongue freeze and are the classic summer candy. Extra frehs, extra tasty!
Art.-Nr.: 7102

Espresso pillows

Enjoy the strong espresso taste and a dainty coffee kick with these beautiful candies from the EDELuxe line.
Art.-Nr.: 8091

Eucalyptus menthol "special"

The best eucalyptus candy from Edel! Ideal to get a free breath, ideal for on the way! Taste the difference between usual candies and this ones, made with genuine eucalyptus oil and menthol.
Art.-Nr.: 8093

Eucalyptus menthol "special"

The best eucalyptus candy from Edel! Ideal to get a free breath, ideal for on the way! Taste the difference between usual candies and this ones, made with genuine eucalyptus oil and menthol.
Art.-Nr.: 9263

Fruit selection

A fruity "must have". In this mix, you can find the best filled fruit candies in an attractive bag. Contains the flavours strawberry, lemon-lime, blood orange, apple, raspberry, black currant,
Art.-Nr.: 8083

Genuine bavarian herbs sweets

Originals, that take effect! Manufactured by use of our old recipe book this specialty contains barley malt extract, liquorice, extracts from 20 selected herbs, menthol and essential oils.
Art.-Nr.: 7001

Glacial ice rocks special

Cold and refreshing like a piece of glacial ice - and obviously the sweetest thing against climate warming!
Art.-Nr.: 9111

Honey sweets "special"

Enjoy the "honey way". With an unbeatable high percentage of genuine bee honey, this candy is the queen bee.
Art.-Nr.: 9401

Lemon honey sweets

Sweet honey with a fresh note of lemon. This means an AAA rating from all those, who love honey and lemon.
Art.-Nr.: 7061

Lemon special

The Edel citric classic: The sourish and refreshing lemon special candies from Edel are manufactured in the traditional lemon shape.
Art.-Nr.: 9121

Milk honey

You can´t pass this candy! For the production of this classic candy, we process an extra quantity of fresh cow milk and genuine bee honey.
Art.-Nr.: 7033

Peppermint balls

A vivid childhood memory! These traditional, colourful peppermint balls have an agreable mint taste.
Art.-Nr.: 8121

Plantain herbal sweets

Sought-after by those, who know! These wrapped plantain candies unfold their beneficial effects also on the way. These candies are manufactured with 10% plantain tea, plantain extract and gentian.
Art.-Nr.: 7013

Raspberry special

The EDEL classic! The tasty raspberries are made according to an old traditional recipe and bring fun for the whole family.
Art.-Nr.: 9181

Rose hip sweets VC

More than enjoyment: Edel rose hip sweets are filled with genuine rose hip pulp and are enriched with vitamin C.
Art.-Nr.: 9211

Sage filled

Beneficial for throat and fauces - and your palate also! For our extra mild sage candies we use the traditional way of production - with self boiled sage leaf tea and extract. Taste the difference!
Art.-Nr.: 9411

Sage honey sweets

Beneficial for the throat, tasty for you. The dainty sage & honey candies combine mild sage taste and fine honey and are manufactured by use of genuine sage leaf tea and natural sage extract.
Art.-Nr.: 9421

Sea buckthorn honey + vitamin C

Art.-Nr.: 7142

Silky almond bites "Vienna"

This worldwide known specialty from Vienna is manufactured with care and love for the details. Experience the fine almond taste and the exquisite nut and chocolate filling.
Art.-Nr.: 7122

Whole milk coins filled

The classy coins with hazelnut filling and 40% fresh whole milk are known as "Milk money" for many years.
Art.-Nr.: 9083

Whole milk strawberry

Tast like sweet strawberries with a lace of fresh milk, manufactured with 46% fresh milk from the "Allgäu" in southern Germany and genuine strawberry pulp.
Art.-Nr.: 8053

Wild cherry balls

Edel Wild Cherry balls are well known by kids and all other cherry lovers!
Art.-Nr.: 7802

Woodruff leafs

This specialty from Berlin, the german capital, have the typical leaf shape and taste inimitable like the "may herb".